Thursday, December 23, 2010

Best of 2010

Best of 2010, a recap. Thanks to all who followed this countdown. I love lists a lot, but I looked at a lot of "Best of" lists this year and I've concluded that THEY ARE SO BORING! It's almost as if 25 albums came out this year and each person only had the challenge of narrowing it down to 10. Seriously. One of those 25 tops my list and two or three of them make it into my Honorable Mentions, so I guess I don't have much room to talk. Maybe my lack of gravitation towards most of these 25 albums means I don't have particularly good taste. Either way, thanks for hanging in there. Here's a list that links to all the different write-ups.
1. Joanna Newsom- Have One on Me
2. CocoRosie- Grey Oceans
3. The Books- The Way Out
4. Eleanor Murray- Oh Thunder
5. Cock and Swan- Unrecognize
6. Corespondents- Ur
7. Xiu Xiu- Dear God I Hate Myself
8. Innocence Mission- My Room in the Trees
9. O Paon- Courses
10. S.L.F.M.- Affaire

Honorable mentions must be given to:
Grass Widow- Past Time
Foxdye- M4g1c47 G71mm3r1ng R41nb0w
Horse Feathers- Thistled Spring
Kendl Winter- Apple Core
M.I.A.- Maya
Blonde Redhead- Penny Sparkle
Hosannas- Together
Moondoggies- Tidelands
Mount Kimbie- Crooks & Lovers
Holy Other- Sunshrine Mix
Kusikia- Brown Town
Salem- Holy Night

Grass Widow- Fried Egg (off Past Time)
Horse Feathers- Thistled Spring (off Thistled Spring
Kusikia- Shaker (off Brown Town)

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