Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Books "The Way Out"

The Books convinced me DJ/Rupture is the best dj in the world. Back in 2003, on his first Peel Session, Rupture began that epic set with The Books track, "Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again." Of course, at the time, I didn't know that it was a Books track. I just knew it was the most brilliant thing I'd ever heard. I imagined Rupture quickly mixing all these different records to make this anthemic collage of hopelessness vs hope. After me and my friends had listened to this mix daily for months, I mentioned to one of my friends the awe I had at his mixing abilities and he said, "oh, that's a song by this weird band, The Books. He barely manipulates that song at all." In that moment, I did not lose my faith that Rupture was the best dj in the world (one of the most admirable qualities of a dj to me is blurring the lines of what's being mixed and what's recorded as is), I just knew there was a band I needed to check out.
The thing I love about The Books is that they take this plunderphonics/sound collage/audio culture thing I love and make it really accessible. And it isn't a question about them being a pop group or anything, it's just that they do it really fucking well.
The Way Out is in a lot of ways extremely similar in tone and variety as the other Books albums. So, if you liked those, this is a clear continuation on that same theme with just further innovation on the form. The great thing about this album is that it will appeal to those who want The Books to push it a little farther into Weirdsville and those that want them to be a little more like a normal band. "I Didn't Know That," "I Am Who I Am," and, possibly, "A Cold Freezin' Night" push the envelope a little and will definitely freak some people out. "Free Translator" and "All You Need is a Wall" are two of their most beautiful songs and will surely be showing up on sweet mixtapes for years to come.
In summary: this album is great, has something for everybody, you need it playing on repeat.
The Books- Beautiful People (off The Way Out)

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