Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't Tell Me Now

The other day my co-worker told me she was going to see the Built to Spill/Hive Dwellers show in November at Olympia's own Capitol Theater, siting the fact that an impromptu Halo Benders reunion could occur. I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it, but the Hive Dwellers is Calvin Johnson's new band, which means Doug Martsch and Calvin will be sharing a stage and...who knows? This got us excitedly connecting on our love of the Halo Benders.
Perhaps the first band I really listened to on K, I was 14 when I mail ordered Don't Tell Me Now after hearing the song "Blank Equation" on KCMU (what later devolved into KEXP). It turns out that she had never heard Don't Tell Me Now, so that night dug out a CD I'd have had for half my life now to let her borrow it. "Might as well give it a listen," I thought. And, wow. This album holds up. I think I like it even better now that I have more to compare it to. A raw, powerful, well thought out album that has impressive moments of musical arrangement that excite me to no end and make me want to be in an indie rock band with a bunch of guitarists and make weirdly tight songs that have politcal and queer/sexually deviant undertones. Yes.
Halo Benders- Phantom Power

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