Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best of 2010 #2: CocoRosie- Grey Oceans

Best of 2010 #2. While most people seem to be able to pick their favorite CocoRosie album with ease, I have no desire to think about such a question. If we get more clues to the mystery that started with 2004's La Maison de mon Reve then I'm completely content.
Grey Oceans is the latest clue. It's glorious, it's weird (yet accessible), it's self-referential, it's almost too slick for its own good. It's not great (I don't think any of their albums are), but when it's a band that's more interesting to my ears than almost anything else, it kinda doesn't matter. Everything they touch turns gold.
CocoRosie- R.I.P. Burn Face

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