Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bring the Noise

Here's an assortment of live noise performances that I've witnessed and recorded (sometimes was a part of). Note, though: "noise" is used loosely. This is music that might fall under the umbrella of noise to the casual listener- drone, ambient, sound collage, dark atmospheric, etc. But perhaps wouldn't pass the test for the noise purist.
I didn't use many words to describe these sets, they hopefully speak for themselves, but links to the artists (if there is a link to make) are provided after the sets.
Maelstrom- One (Live at Alamingo) (Margaret Butler's amazing live cello looping project)

Neglect- Live in Tucson (this opened up a folk show I was playing. it was awesome. later, a deranged cat escaped and caused mayhem) (Neglect's Soundcloud)
Takhoma- Live at Alamingo (epically epic. always) (Takhoma's tape)
Tapestry- Live at the Autonomous Mutant Festival (tapes and ambient drone) (Tapestry's Space)
Foxdye- Live at Medgefest (more bubbly and floaty than noisy, but like I said, the umbrella of noise) (Foxdye Bandcamp)
Abusive Consumer- Live at Medgefest (Olympia didn't treat Abusive Consumer as good as we could have and now he's southwest bound, but here's some sounds he treated us to at the last Medgefest in Seattle)
Marlo Eggplant- Live at Medgefest (first song) (wish i would have got the whole set, it was a good one. like many noise performances, plagued by gear issues, but it didn't matter to me) (Marlo Eggplant's Space)

Letters- Live on Hollow Earth Radio (seems like ages ago now. we're about to release a noise tape on Corpus Callosum, the label the host of this radio show now helps run)
All photos by Alexis Wolf.

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