Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Point You Elsewhere

First off, somehow I forgot to say a proper farewell to the one and only Guru. For some reason I thought that finding out early, passing the word along to the friends who cared, and listening to my boy Rap Class spin an all Guru dj set that night in Portland between bands at the Gumar and his Magical Midi Band show, was enough. Though bringing up beef with longtime DJ/producer/collaborator in Gangstarr, DJ Premier, in his last words was weird, I still have infinite respect for Guru. There's a great write-up on Guru on Soul Sides that I highly recommend and there's also a kinda weird tribute/podcast/mix thing from DJ Premier, which I can't say I recommend quite as highly (sorry Premier!).
In other news, there's a pretty interesting mix that Salem did for Dis Magazine called Raver Stay Wif Me, which is a weird assortment of chopped and screwed, gabber, oldies, and more. It sounds like something a more techno-loving version of my dj side, The Baron, would do.
In other pointing you elsewhere, might I recommend the Resume of Charm blog's recent post of interesting links. There's a great article by Amanda Hess about the recent plus-sized cleavage issue brought up by Fox and ABC's banning of a Lane Bryant commercial; the news that Archie Comics is going to introduce a gay character, the coming out of Christian star Jennifer Knapp, and the closing of a confederate-themed mattress store in Portland. All pretty interesting.

In this, I also got a jonesing for the no-longer-in-existence Seattle uncategorizables, Hecka Ar. I miss them. This track was on the last Beep Repaired Records comp and I have been getting it stuck in my head (so to speak) the last couple days.
Hecka Ar- Labyrinths (Jorge Luis Borges)
DJ Premier- Guru Tribute Mix (Excerpt) (see what i mean, kinda weird, huh?)

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