Monday, February 15, 2010

On the Horizon

In the past few days I've grown excited about the albums in the works from two of my favorite Olympia artists. Now, I don't have any new tracks to pass your way. Really, I just want to get you excited, too.
I've seen Eleanor Murray play two fantastic shows of late, both of which have got me pumped for her new album. From the sounds of it, the album will be coming out in a few months and it's going to be a little weird. Expect this pleasing folkster to step into some pretty dissonant territory; the new songs I've heard have generally leaned to the creepy side of things, often while transcending typical song structures. I just heard the always amazing Bob Schwenkler will be producing it, which, of course, makes me even more excited. Here's the title track from last year's Little Warrior EP.
Eleanor Murray- Little Warrior

The next is Gunmothers Head. I got the chance to listen to the demos from his new album, which, if those songs are any indication, will certainly prove to be nothing short of epic. Set to be half brutal "hunting" songs and half country-tinged "dressing" (as in wounds) songs, this album should be a lot different from last year's Her Husband Didn't- expect more drums, more layers, and a touch cleaner production (don't worry, it's just a touch- still plenty of tape noise).
Gunmothers Head- Snow and Gold (off Her Husband Didn't)

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