Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory

The most grounding moment of last week was going down to my place of employment, not to work, but to see Deborah Winter read from her new book, Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory. A book technically not about Kate Bush, but about a character she has found in Bush's work, namely: The Bushian Feminine Subject, or, The BFS. Traveling through feminist and queer theory, gender play and more- the adventure Ms Winter has built is a pretty fascinating one.

The adventure also expanded my ever-growing love of Kate Bush- quite possibly the artist I've listened to more than any other in the last year. As my co-worker Jon Quitty Quittner specualted in his introduction, there is most certainly a resurgence in her popularity and a modern day relevance that probably surprises most older fans.
Local Olympia star (well, a star to some of us) Ariel Birks even stopped by to play some Kate Bush covers, this one among them.
Ariel Birks- Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush Cover)

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