Friday, March 18, 2011

These Are Some Good Things

So, my listening life has largely been populated by Prince (Prince Zine is done, btw) and Letters, since we go into Olympia's own Bellhead Studios on Sunday to record the new Letters album, All the Adventures to See Them I Will.
But these are a few that have made their way through the wall of PrinceLetters and pleased my eardrums something nice. I once saw Anni Rossi play with Polka Dot Dot Dot in the ABC House basement on a Sunday night some years ago. With just a viola, she had the whole room stunned and bursting. I'm surprised how good the solo J Mascis singles are. Some of his best songwriting. Upside Drown is Colleen Johnson's new band in Oakland. They'll be doing a west coast tour soon and will be playing here at my house on March 29th.
Anni Rossi- Land Majestic (off her soon-to-be-released album)
J Mascis- Is It Done (off Several Shades of Why)
Upside Drown- How Does He Speak (off their ep)

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