Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kissed Her Little Sister

I once heard an interview with Mike Watt where he referred to Bradley Nowell as an amazing listener. That might be what I would say about Jeffrey Morisano from Kissed Her Little Sister and what makes them an instant hit.
Not that they are anything like Sublime, but maybe they do the same thing for the indie-electro-folk kids that Sublime did for the soCal-dready-punks. Whether it's an electro-industrial Johnny Cash cover mashed with Inspector Gadget breakdowns or lo-fi Odelay-inspired DJ Kool reduxes, this guy has a head full of music history and a bunch of ideas of how to express his gratitude for all of it.
The album he's made is High and Low, it's 18 songs long and it's quality pretty much all the way through and is a totally free download. I highly recommend it. My favorite moment is when he does something that I've thought about doing for a long time, but have never got the inspiration to make into a reality. That something is taking a Sacred Harp/Shape Note song and making it into something totally his own. Brilliant.
Kissed Her Little Sister- The Angel of the Lord
Kissed Her Little Sister- Get Out of My Head Woman

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