Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's the Stars

There are a lot of things I love and appreciate about Karl Blau- his overwhelming enthusiasm for life and for people making interesting music, his constant willingness to unapologetically try something different, and (perhaps most of all) how he has contributed a new voice to Northwest music that represents this place so well, but is entirely its own thing. It's not something that reminds one of the stereotyped K Punk aesthetic, the "Seattle sound", or the post-grunge era of NW indie superstardom, but it draws from all that and creates something new and unique that is so much about this place. And, growing up here and loving the music of this place for my whole life, that's something pretty important to me.
Now comes the time to DONATE to him and his amazing and weird record label, Kelp Lunacy Advanced Plagiarism Society. There are few musicians so worth your time or money. In short because: he is not about money. He is legitimately so incredibly dedicated to his art and his community and he only asks for money to continue making art and supporting his community. And that's truth.
Next Friday, he will be hosting a 24 hour event where a Karl Blau song will be covered, interpretated, or broadcast every minute of the day, around the world, by his legion of friends and fans. Should be pretty amazing. We'll be contributing a song (at 2:15pm) and expect it to be posted here.
While you're over at Kickstarter, pledging some funds, enjoy this beautiful celebration of life (in song form). One of my absolute favorites in the grand Blau catalog.
Karl Blau- It's the Stars (off Nature's Got Away)

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  1. and wow, yes, totally successful. 26,000 dollars?!!