Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fear Kittens

One of the classics of all Olympia indie albums is the first (and, i believe, only) Fear Kittens album. Yet, hardly anyone knows about its greatness. Jacob Wilson of Kickball (who recorded and accompanied on the album) once said to me that Fear Kittens is the most punk of all- she almost never plays shows, has one short (10 songs in 11 minutes) album, all the songs are simple, she's often unpracticed when she performs... yet everyone sings along joyously at her shows and her songwriting brilliance is hard to deny. Hearing that she has started playing again (with Ross Cowman of June Madrona on drums) got me excited about her goodness. Maybe we'll see another album, even; who knows? Here's a couple Fear Kittens favorites:
Fear Kittens- Habit and Technique
Fear Kittens- Polar Bears (which years later got adapted into the Kickball anthem off Everything is a Miracle Nothing is a Miracle)

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