Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Autonomous Mutant Fest 13

While years of attending mutantfest has made some aspects of it rather uninteresting to me, there never ceases to be so much that makes it new and exciting each year.
Kind of like a much smaller, free, version of Burning Man, the Autonomous Mutant Festival is a festival determined by its attendants, taking place every summer, somewhere between southern Washington and northern California. The stages are different camps/sound systems organized by the place they come from, or the style they represent. The festival is mostly electronic music, but AMF is really about extremes, so death metal, black metal, kitsch folk, throat singing, and all sorts of weird performance art come out in fairly good amounts. While I don't make a point of catching everything, this is this year's list of personal favorites and what they brought: Corespondents (amplified ragtime), Carny Jerkwater (whacky goodness/gospel), Nada (quadrophonic heady ambient), Nurse Can I Get First Aid Please? (8-bit), Th' Mole (posi-goof hop), 666 Gangstaz (noise/speed bass), Marlo Eggplant (live drone), Rokhausen (coredonkcollage), DocDirkWertIII (dubstephop) and Bonzai (breakcore/glitch).
And, of course, there were the perennial favorites that make the fest what it is for me: Dj Fuckumup (everything), Dj Dropacat (dubstep), Dj Dogwater (cut-up/collage), Nezitic (mindmelting ambient noise), and, the undisputed star of this year's mutantfest fest, Foxdye, spinning 9 sets in everything from breakcore to crapstep to donk to ambient to chopped and screwed.
It was a good year.
Foxdye- Paper Screws (off chopped and screwed vol 2)
Rokhausen- Pizza Death (off Funeralpylonpizzadelivery Zone)
Th' Mole- How 2 B Cool (off Greatest Hits Vol 1)

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