Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Medgefest 2009

This weekend bring the second annual Medgefest, put on by DJ Dogwater and Marlo Eggplant of Seattle's Corpus Callosum record label and distro. These folks put on some of my favorite festivals; their love for all types of sounds under the sun really makes sense to me (perhaps this is one of the reasons why we're friends and i go to their festivals...perhaps). I thought I'd give a little preview for those who are in the area and should most certainly attend and give a little taste for all you out in the world unable to make it:
DJ Dogwater- Can't Stop Partying (since it is a party, i thought this one was appropriate)
Ariel Birks- At Best (off the Well, I Don't See Why Not comp)
Rokhausen- Pizza Death
Gene Pool- Steamboat (Live at Dogwater Dayz)
Super Excitable Baby Squirrels- Changing My Socks in a Box Car
Foxdye & The Baron- La Luna y El Pescador (off Chopped n Screwed Vol 2)

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