Monday, December 6, 2010

Best of 2010 #10: S.L.F.M.- Affaire

That's right, we're starting to countdown the best of 2010 here at Letters With Mixtapes. And S.L.F.M.'s excellent album Affaire starts this all off today at #10. The closing song ("Dainty") alone would rank it at #14 or 15 for me, but there are 11 other songs on here! Which brings it up to #10.
I know someday S.L.F.M will probably incorporate more sounds and have longer songs and it will most likely be very good, indeed, but I will always swoon over the days when 12 songs were cranked out on a distorted ukulele in 19 minutes and I played it over and over again.
S.L.F.M.- Fancy No Pants

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