Monday, April 25, 2011


The Inner Islands label is giving me reasons to believe in a type of ambient music that I haven't heard so well done since Eluvium's Talk Amongst the Trees; music that helps me sleep at night and believe in other-worldly things, eat foods from the earth and be good to others. It's done without pretension and that is something nice in this current musical landscape. I love performance and show, but it's nice that music is sometimes just made to offer help to a troubled world. For some this sounds like the liner notes to We Are the World, which points out that music made without pretension is usually talked about in ways that are not 'cool'. You'll find that most descriptions of Inner Islands releases follow suit on this, but hey, they're on a bigger mission here than being cool and we should be, too.
Presents, the new album from Nearone is the third most wonderful offering from Inner Islands in the last month. It was recorded on farms in New Zealand and plays us sounds still and sunny and somewhat magical.
Nearone- a long and wandering journey

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