Friday, March 26, 2010

Dropping Gems

I've been promised a selection of tracks and remixes for some time now and finally decided I couldn't wait any longer to let everybody know of the birth of Portland, Oregon's newest label, Dropping Gems. A long-time in the making, the label just released their first (of many) projects last month, namely, The Bone Rock EP by Seattle future-roots artist Nag Champa. And, in the coming year, you can expect releases from some of the northwest's best down-tempo, hip hop, trip hop, plunderphonics, and electro dance artists, including the likes of Brownbear, Citymouth, Rap Class, Apollo Belvedere, and Gumar and his Magical Midi Band. Their "Blasting Off" party/showcase is scheduled for April 10th, here in Olympia at The Midnight Sun. Should be epic.
Gumar's Between Beats Mixtape is available for free and has tracks from Dropping Gems' artists Nag Champa and Citymouth in the mix, while also spanning the musical map from Coco Rosie and Yoko Ono to Prefuse 73 and Spank Rock.
Nag Champa- Atlantis (off The Bone Rock EP)

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