Monday, August 16, 2010

I Meant to Say Something

The heat and the work have been keeping me away from good ol' fashioned time wasting (um, i mean, music journalism) and I forgot say a few things.
Two great shows happened at my house. The ever-awesome Annabeth McNamara's new band Fig & Sparrow headlined a garden party for one and the force that is Poppet rocked a dance party for the other. These things were good.
Annabeth McNamara- Got No Choice (off the Desert Rec's Compilation)
Poppet & Goomey- In Vintage Dreams (off the Poppet & Goomey Ep)
Experimental musician and all-around-good-guy, Abusive Consumer (AKA- Abusive Delay, RmCLR), has moved to Olympia. Let us be the first to publicly welcome him to our fair city.
Abusive Delay- Alarm at the End (off the Abusive Consumer Ep)
I realized The Blackberry Bushes do a pretty bomb bluegrass version of a Bruce Springsteen song on their new album.
Blackberry Bushes- I'm on Fire (Bruce Springsteen cover) (off Little Bit of Grace)
And Sub Pop sent me a new No Age song that's pretty good. I actually know absolutely nothing about No Age, but I bet for some people this will be exciting and mean something. To me, it sounds like art rockers playing power pop.
No Age- Glitter (off the 7" of the same name)

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