Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Something is Eating Me

We stumbled across this wonderful songstress late at night when the lights were dim and the shadows could have been interpreted as either cordial or dismaying, dependent upon the tilt of our head or the squint of our eyes. Luckily, a push of the play button allowed Emilie Lund's childish yet refined voice to fill up the entire room with a familiar sentiment brought back from the realm of nuanced comfort. The contrast of her simple layered vocals and subtle yet perfect instrumentation carried us away to another realm and helped us to forget that we had ever been nervous of the dark. Her lovely music reminds us of the perfect combination of near-romantic feelings that can be found in the company of friends -- moments when the heart is quiet and full to the brim with a special combination that is impossible to replicate and worth holding onto. (Alexis Wolf) Emilie Lund- Something is Eating Me (off her Self-Titled EP)

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