Friday, November 6, 2009

Marlo Eggplant for President

Marlo Eggplant For President is the new album from (you guessed it) Marlo Eggplant. Released on the Canadian cassette tape label Scotch Tapes, this is a pure gem of drone-y goodness, a cohesive piece of meditative metallic ambient noise that is as relaxing as it is unsettling and hard. Getting it a month or two ago, I thought I'd have some time to wait before doing a write up on it, but, come to find out, it's already sold out, no reprints. Which kind of makes it a bummer; I'd love to tell you to buy this great album, but alas. But perhaps its lack of availablity makes it more necessary to post a couple tracks off it, so to get some of this music out into the world. Depends how you look at it, I suppose.
One thing that is available, though, is last month's much-anticipated release of the Ladyz in Noyz Addendum. A great addition to 2007's Ladyz In Noyz, the three disc collection that Eggplant curated.
This month will find her and DJ Dogwater (who, by the way, recently wrote a hilarious essay on the new Weezer album) relocating from Seattle to Olympia, so it will be good to see them around more and see what they bring to the Olympia music community. Below are a couple tracks from the For President album and one from the Addendum.
Marlo Eggplant- Landing Tune
Marlo Eggplant- Arteriole
Buckets of Bile- A Sign (off the Ladyz in Noyz Addendum)

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