Friday, June 4, 2010

Carissa's Wierd

Carissa's Wierd was a group I heard about a lot when they were together, but never actually heard. So, I gotta say, I'm kind of excited for this upcoming retrospective and temporary reunion for said retrospective because I might actually get to hear more of their music.
I thought the single from it was the perfect thing to end today in the northwest- I in fact heard this sentiment expressed today at work (the "i never asked to be here" was in relation to the never-ending grey weather and computer malfunctions). It's just kind of how it is here sometimes, I know it weirds (sorry, wierds) outsiders out, but we make the melodramatic music about wanting to kill ourselves so we don't actually do it. It's a good thing.
Carissa's Wierd- Die


  1. that picture isn't Carissa's Wierd. Some Seattle band that was on Jade Tree.

  2. ah...whoops. problem solved. thanks for helping fix that one. maybe i shouldn't trust google image searches without first doing some research.