Wednesday, October 13, 2010

S.L.F.M. Opens for Sonic Youth!

Coming back from a tour with Boots to the Moon where they had trouble booking house shows, S.L.F.M. comes home to be the lone opening act for legends of noisy guitar rock, Sonic Youth. The good folks over at CaptNineToe sent over a video from said event and, while I thought Sonic Youth asking Grass Widow to open for them in New York was a fluke of them having an ear to the (under)ground, this proves to me that the Youth are admirably searching out great new music and aren't just playing the same old Velvet Underground records over again and again.
There's also this video of S.L.F.M. playing a birthday party.

...and a recording from a few weeks ago when she played in my basement.
S.L.F.M.- Fancy No Pants (Live at Alamingo)

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