Monday, January 17, 2011


My friend was telling me about record shopping in San Francisco last month and, as a joke, loudly complaining about the absence of a Witch House section. It is a ridiculous thought. I mean, how would you decide how to alphabetize all these bands who have symbols for names (it's probably being done, huh?).
To me this sounds like industrial kids brought up on Brandy and Aaliyah cassettes. Which, to me, is a really good thing.
Don't ask me how to say it, or where it comes from (i was told that, perhaps, Russia), but ask me if it is good and I will say yes.
~▲†▲~- Life Keeps Going on (Briana vs ~▲†▲~) (off RMXS)
~▲†▲~- Stickweed Houses (off ~▲†▲~)

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