Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Few That Fit

Well, first off, there's one from the band formerly known as Church, now called Hosannas. They're from Portland and are pretty impressive. I've played a show or two with them and they (at least, were) pretty stunning. I didn't get the name change and then they kicked out the people I knew and became a two piece and it kind of made sense. The album they recorded as a full band sounds awesome and I've heard from the fine folks over at Fensepost that they are equally awesome as a two-piece. They're on tour building up the hype for the album. The single is highly addicting.
Hosannas- When We Were Young (off Together, coming out Nov 9th on Tree Farm)
Tu Fawning sent me a pretty awesome album a couple weeks ago and it came out today. I can't say the single does the album justice, but I will say that if you like this you'll love the album. Pretty solid stuff. Some unexpected turns on an album that I almost wrote off as another overproduced Portland band.
Tu Fawning- I Know You Now (off Hearts on Hold)
And, while not from Portland, I thought this one I just got from Hardly Art would kind of fit in this mix. The first single from La Sera (Vivian Girls, All Saints Day). Reminds me of some stuff out of the mid-90's Seattle scene. Can't quite place it, though. Kill Sybil, maybe? I guess I should just say it's its own thing and I'm glad to hear this sound happening.
La Sera- Never Come Around

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