Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gkfoes Vjgoaf

One of the pleasures of this tour was finally getting to see Gkfoes Vjgoaf play. When I heard his first release (Magic Days) last year, I thought he was clearly influenced by Phil Elverum's early lo-fi pop sensibilities, but this year's Light Weaving made me realize he's on a different tip altogether. Drone and ambient mix with a distinctly 60's sonic landscape.
The show we played together was moved at the last minute and everyone played short sets so we could all go to bed, but I was still able to see him show yet another side of his work. Hints of Brian Eno and Bill Laswell came through, making a layered symphony of big chords and sparse drums.
Interested to hear what will come next.
Gkfoes Vjgoaf- Heart Whispers (off Light Weaving)
Gkfoes Vjgoaf- Magic Senses (Breathe That Breath) (off Magic Days)

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