Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Twilight Singers- Dynamite Steps

I first heard the unmistakable lungs of Mr Greg Dulli in 1994 on Sub Pop's Grunge Years compilation, with the wailing three minute epic of Afghan's Whigs' "Retarded." I've been a fan ever since. Like most things melodramatic, it's sometimes a guilty pleasure for me, but his approach to creating a sonic landscape and telling a story will always intrigue me.
Feb 15th brought the release of Dynamite Steps, the new release from The Twilight Singers, his main project since leaving the Whigs. Twilight Singers has always been a little less exciting to me than the Whigs and, while this new release doesn't surpass the greatness of the Whigs, it's definitely their best so far.
The first 5 songs make me lose my mind a little. Between them there's a guest appearance by Mark Lanegan, drum machines, a wonderful intentionally flat falsetto, and the punk of the Afghan Whigs being brought in 2011. If I didn't know better, I'd say it was composed especially for me. I'm glad you got my letter, Greg.
Even though we're on their promo mailing list, we were asked to take down the newest single, so listen to the first single which we posted in October when Sub Pop sent it to us and listen to the new single on Sub Pop's website.

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