Monday, June 22, 2009

Tiny Vipers

A few months ago, I did sound for a Mt Eerie show up in Seattle and was fascinated by one of the opening acts- a sparse, somewhat droney, bordering-on-boring, one person band called Tiny Vipers. When the set came to an end, I was stunned by the fact that I had no idea if I'd just enjoyed the last 40 minutes or not. Perhaps the simple fact that I didn't know my own opinion was so mysterious that I had to check her out further. I was intrigued.
Up until now, she's only put out one ep called Hands Across the Void, which is pretty good, but honestly, has just left me wanting more.
Recently, through the grapevine of things, I got the pre-release of the new Tiny Vipers album, Life on Earth, set to be released July 7th on Sub Pop. This, my friends, is the something more. Dark, sparse, occasionally feedbacky and weirdly textured, it's about everything I could ask for in a sit-alone-and-get-contemplative album. "The Dreamer" is the pre-release single and is definitely the stand out (can you call this pop?) song of the album. A vinyl release is coming and I can't wait.
Tiny Vipers- Dreamer

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