Monday, January 11, 2010

Marlo Eggplant Tour

I know I write about these folks all the time, but, honestly, other than Prince, no one produces as much as they do. The "they" I speak of are the experimental music couple- Marlo Eggplant and DJ Dogwater, who have, between them, probably released 10 albums in the last year, put on a couple of festivals, and released tons of other albums/curated compilations through their Corpus Callosum record label and distro.
The next month finds Ms Eggplant on the road and Dogwater was going to stay home and release a few more albums, but the departure of Marlo's drummer resulted in the pleasant addition of Dogwater for this month on the road. Dogwater will mostly be doing merch for Eggplant and Corpus Callosum, but, given that Dogwater is an experienced and talented noise percussionist who's played in bands such as Guitar Center, Hecka Ar, and The Dirty Robots, we can probably expect his accompaniment for a show or two along the way.
They're going all over the U.S., so check the Tour dates.
Marlo Eggplant- Drip Drop (off her Sampler: Lo-fi, Noise, and More)
Guitar Center- Still on the Phone (off Ladyz in Noyz: An Addendum)

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