Monday, June 22, 2009

Canned Fruit

At it's most basic, Canned Fruit is a radio show on the Seattle internet station, Hollow Earth Radio, but, beyond that, it's a crew of totally innovative experimental musicians, plunderphonic-ers, sound collagers, and breakcore-ists. The original line-up of DJ Dogwater, Blindfolder/Brush Bandit, and My Peach is Pickled has recently expanded to include Rokhausen and Marlo Eggplant . Their website is about one of the most amusing and under-used mp3 blogs around; a hidden gem, if you will. You will find cut-ups and mash-ups of everything from folk blues to boy bands, plus live in-studio performances with noise artists, folk artists, breakcorers, and more.
Radio show schedule
DJ Dogwater- He Said, She Said (Trapped in the Remix)
My Peach is Pickled & Blindfolder- Ahtehlyas
Rokhausen- The Most Unwanted Remix
My Peach is Pickled- Rerun (off the Well, I Don't See Why Not compilation)

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