Saturday, April 3, 2010

Summer Soul Volume Three

So I just finished the third installment of my Summer Soul mixtape series, a cassette tape journey through varieties of the lesser-known side of 60's and 70's soul. Not always a rarities collection, it's mostly just about having some good songs together in one place.
So, sorry, a small bit of self-promotion, but, honestly, I've mostly been listening to old soul for weeks now, so I feel I need to post something from this time period. Volume 3 takes on the loose distinction of Northern Soul and sticks mostly to the 60's.

Jan Bradley should be a star, in my book. A great singer and songwriter (which is a little bit uncommon for a female artist of the girl group era), she worked with Curtis Mayfield early on in both of their careers, and is now a social worker in Chicago. Her small handful of recordings are all superb.
Jan Bradley- Please Mr DJ

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