Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Breaking News: The Sasquatch Festival Will Be Horrible

Since getting back from tour, I've been reading the local music blogs to catch up on what's been going on. Everybody (including non-local makers of cool, Pitchfork) is talking about the Sasquatch Music Fest like it's going to be the greatest thing that ever happened in the northwest. Have any of these people ever been to The Gorge? Do they understand how badly this is going to suck? It's going to be ridiculously annoying as a festival, I promise. It doesn't matter that Pavement is reuniting. It's going to be horrible.
What I'm more excited about is this video I came across of local grunge-era heroes, Tad. For whatever reason, I've always loved Tad. They were great live and their sludgy metal always did it for me in a way other things of a similar ilk did not.
The kids in this video? Hilarious. Is it possible that anyone at Sasquatch will let their guard down long enough to have this much fun and look this unabashedly goofy? It's possible, but not likely. If you already have tickets, my advice to you is to sell them (i hear they're going for $600 online, you can make a profit. i already convinced a woman in Portland to do it on our last day of tour...i didn't have the heart to tell the kids traveling up from Albuquerque, though), save the gas, and stay at home. Or maybe go to Folklife, which is huge and overwhelming, but at least free and they won't steal your water bottle at the door. If memory serves me from watching those old Sub Pop Video Network things, Tad has many great videos. I bet they're on Youtube now. Just saying, it's free.

Tad- Daisy

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  1. i think the fact that Foo Fighters were just announced to headline Sasquatch 2011 should be further proof of this.