Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best Music Writing 2010

It seems that there’s always some local NW legend in the pages of De Capo’s excellent Best Music Writing collections- this year’s being no exception.
Seattle legend Chris Estey does a superb piece on Phil Ochs, an excerpt from his deranged zine, Get Well.
A long-time singer in hardcore bands and music critic (currently a regular contributor to Three Imaginary Girls, KEXP Blog, and The Stranger), Estey writes with enough heart and insanity to make any lover of counterculture literature a fan. Plus, how many 45 year olds still do zines? That’s impressive.
And, in case you get this in the next two hours and are in the Seattle area, he's doing a reading from it with Stranger writer Sean Nelson and series editor, Ann Powers. Knowing Estey, it'll definitely be a reading to remember.
7pm, Elliott Bay Book Comapny, 1521 10th Ave, free.

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