Monday, May 24, 2010

Grass Widow blow up and Explode Into Colors break up

In exciting news: the ever-fabulous Bay-area trio, Grass Widow are now signed to Kill Rock Stars and their new album, Past Time, will be released on August 24th. The band's fun garage rock punk has been slipping in some more psychedlic elements of late, so I'll be excited to see what their first true full length will turn out like. Drummer Lily Maring (Yes Please, Pet Club) is a musical force to be reckoned with and I believe that any band with her on board will probably rule the world sooner or later. Maybe proof of said world domination could be their opening slot on an upcoming Sonic Youth show in Brooklyn.

In less-than-exciting news: another recently-signed-to-KRS band, Explode Into Colors are breaking up. This band made people flip and, despite the ridiculous comments on the Portland Mercury article (why do i ever read comments?! they always drive me nuts), they really were one of the most popular bands in Portland.

Oh, and, sorry about the epic break from the blog. I was on tour for the last month and thought I'd have time to do some posts from the road, but ended up with a busier schedule and less internet access than expected. You can probably expect some catching up in the next couple days.
Grass Widow- Celebrate the Mundane (off their self-titled ep)
Explode Into Colors- Paper (Hot Sax Version)

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