Monday, October 3, 2011

Those Celebrities Are Pretty Clever

My recent love of Algebra Suicide has lead me to wonder how many people know about this band. After doing some Googling, I might guess that the answer is 'not many'. And I kind of think that's a shame.
The 20 songs on 1987's The Secret Like Crazy is collected from their various EP's and reminds me a wonderful lo-fi, post-punk version of Laurie Anderson.
These are two of my favorites so far. I hate linking to the media giant of Amazon, especially at a time when people are abuzz about them taking over so much- including (if we are to believe the pessimists) my trade of independent bookselling. But, Amazon's digital copy is the only way I could find that might actually benefit these musicians.
Algebra Suicide- Little Dead Bodies (off The Secret Like Crazy)
Algebra Suicide- (A Proverbial Explanation of Why) No Action is Taken (off The Secret Like Crazy)

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