Saturday, July 31, 2010

Autonomous Mutant Fest 14

Another year in the woods. It being smaller than normal, I focused on nature and friends and maybe not-so-much music. Still, though, highlights ensued.
Tops: Nommo Ogo at Katabatik, Dj Fukumup's squee set at Olytopia, DJ Dropacat's dubstep numerous dubstep sets, and Foxdye's hardcore set at Spaz.
Nommo Ogo- Live at Mutant Fest 2010 (Excerpt)
Tapestry- Prone/Zanadine (Live at Mutant Fest 2010)
Baron & Foxdye- Welcome Back Kotter (Chopped and Screwed)

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  1. Here are links to the full Nommo Ogo and Tapestry sets...
    Nommo Ogo: