Friday, February 17, 2012


The first few bars of 'Cuckoo' will confuse your senses with a familiar warmth if you are a fan of Zola Jesus and/or Broadcast, but when Tessa Murray's soft and hypnotizing voice begins to coo in a tone that implies the transmission of delicate secrets, you will realize that you are making a fresh connection to an important new band producing dream pop with their own finely tuned twist. The London-based Still Corners, who recently put out their first full length record with Sub Pop, Creatures of an Hour, blend pitch perfect electronic pop with a taste of psychedelic memorabilia. The result is a mind-expanding feeling made all the more potent if you are able to catch their live show, during which Tessa's slowly swaying body and knowing dreamlike expression are framed by eerie video projections compiled for the songs by the band's guitarist, Leon Dufficy. Their new album has something for everyone, from the frolicking melodies of 'The White Season' to the trippy percussive frenzy on 'Into the Trees', or the lovely and creepy ballad 'I Wrote in Blood'. Still Corners manage to combine all of the desirable aspects of the '60s with a modernity that scans the horizon, looking towards a haunting hallucination of the future. (Alexis Wolf)
Still Corners- Cuckoo

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