Sunday, December 20, 2009

Best of 2009

A lot of these I've already written up on the blog, so have a link to the full write-up at the end of the description. The title links to the particular places you can buy it.
1. Christina Antipa- The Royal We- pure goodness. this album makes me crazy. full write-up.
Christina Antipa- Beautiful Place
2. Polka Dot Dot Dot- Syzygy- these three understand pop music in a way i never will. how do they make it so catchy? i don't know. full write up.
Polka Dot Dot Dot- Fate Of The Ardent_Small Advices
3. Tiny Vipers- Life on Earth- dark, slow, brooding. all her potential wrapped into one beautiful, gloomy epic. full write-up.
Tiny Vipers- Dreamer
4. DJ Dogwater- Amy Winehouse Memorial Mixtape- the disassembling of popular music's last 70 years. full write-up.
DJ Dogwater- Wonderful One
5. Gunmothers Head- Her Husband Didn't- the intensity of these cassette recordings makes me shiver a little. some of the lyrics are about blood and limbs and kind of creepy things like that, but it all makes me feel pretty good inside. full write up.
Gunmothers Head- Snow and Gold
6. Corespondents- Do Not Doublestack Do Not Doublestack- this 13 minute, four-song ep is so perfectly weird and i have listened to it so much, i have to call it a favorite. while it probably seems pretty ephemeral to them and not like the full length album they're working on, i love it. plus it's a free download. full write up.
Corespondents- There's Nothing On
7. Lactacious- Strong and Wrong- why i never got around to writing this one up confounds me.(to do it justice, perhaps i'll post two songs from it). totally nasty electroclash from portland, or. The group has since disbanded, but has begin anew as Sistafist.
Lactacious- All the Fellas
Lactacious- Suck My Ass
8. Arrington de Dionyso- Malaikat Dan Singa- an album that will make most people ask "what are you listening to?" full write up.
Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa- Mani Malaikat
9. Tara Jane O'Neill- A Ways Away- another artist that i think finally had a culmination of potential energy this year. dreamy, ambient soundscapes. full write up.
Tara Jane O'Neill- In Tall Grass
10. Karl Blau- 96- such a cool collection of weird homemade beats and odd metaphors. full write up.
Karl Blau- Hey Low, Halo
Close seconds (honorable mentions, perhaps?):
Twig Palace- ST, Marissa Nadler- Little Hells, Marlo Eggplant- Marlo Eggplant for President, Dirty Projectors- Bitte Orca, Boxcutter- Arecibo Message, Eleanor Murray- Little Warrior, Talbot Tagora- Lessons in the Woods or a City, Invisible River- ST, Mirah- (A)spera, Le Loup- Family, LAKE- Let's Build a Roof, Foxdye- Nothing to Lose But My Stomach, Aminal Collective- Merriweather Post Pavilion, Rokhausen- Goldfarb & Masterbathos, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down- Know Better Learn Faster, Bill Callahan- Sometimes I Wish I Was an Eagle, Jordan O' Jordan- Carbon Cycles


  1. This is great! I am an independent singer songwriter and I learn a lot from reading blogs like this - thanks so much for sharing.

  2. i didn't notice it in 2009 because i'm a little burnt out after years of listening to phil elverum's music, but will say that, had i given it a chance in 2009, Mt Eerie's "Wind's Poem" album would have definitely made it somewhere on the list; it's one of the best albums he's put out in years.
    oh, and, thanks jade, glad you like the blog.