Friday, September 3, 2010


While I've been trying to get Seattle artist Rokhausen to send me some of his new tracks for some time now, I think I've waited long enough to introduce you, dear readers, to the force that is Rokhausen.
Raised on speed metal and rave music, Rokhausen is the kind of artist that can do amazing things- like get heshers to listen to electronic music or get a music critic to take songs about pizza seriously. He's that good.
So, until he sends us something new, here's something to tide you over.
Rokhausen- The Most Unwanted Remix
Rokhausen- Pizza Death (off FuneralpylonpizzadeliveryZone)
Rokhausen- Mad Max Ending and Hamburger Hellhole (off Goldfarb & Masterbathos)

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