Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Am Secretly an Important Man

I must give a big thank you to Three Imaginary Girls for tipping me off to this...There is now a documentary about Steven Jesse Bernstein! What the...? I didn't see that one coming. Called I Am Secretly an Important Man, it will be premiering in Seattle tonight (at the Moore Theatre) at 8pm.
I listened to 1992's Prison album, that he made with famed Seattle weirdo producer Steve Fisk, so many times in my teens and early 20's that SJB is a like a dear friend to me. Kind of threatening and unstable, but a friend none-the-less.
A favorite of mine was this live version of "Come Out Tonight," which had a studio version released on 1988's Sub Pop 200 compilation- a compilation that later defined grunge music for those of us unsatisfied with how the media was defining it. I can't remember where I got it now, but it's from a show where he was opening for the unstoppable Mudhoney, a fellow named Dick Luxington plays guitar and it's really noisy and wonderful.
Steven Jesse Bernstein- Come Out Tonight (ft Dick Luxington) (Live 1989 opening show for Mudhoney)

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