Sunday, July 4, 2010

Evolution Control Committee & Bran Flakes Invade Olympia!

The legendary Evolution Control Committee and the amazing Bran Flakes will be making their presence known in Olympia tomorrow night (thanks to DJ Dogwater).
According to DJ Fuckumup's report of their Portland show, this is not to be missed. Silly dance party, a mash-up wheel of fun, crowd participation, amazing projections, giant foam fingers, A DANCING TACO!?! For those in the area- July 5th, The Northern, 9pm, $6.
Evolution Control Committee- I Want a Cookie (off Plagiarhythm Nation V2.0)
Bran Flakes- Hi (off I Have Hands)

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  1. this show was amazing. I regret that the Olympia scene has reverted to being so solely rock-focused because people missed out on some good times here. First show from the Bran Flakes in five years (!?!) and it was kind of unbelievable.