Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blonde Redhead- Penny Sparkle

The new Blonde Redhead album, Penny Sparkle is a perfect play of light airy-ness and weighted importance. A combination that gives the feel of a classic trip hop album. Which is something beautiful to me, but may turn off fans of their more rock-based work. It's a rather bold move on their part, honestly. But "Here Sometimes," the song that starts off this venture, is something completely undeniable to me. All the characteristics that have made me love Blonde Redhead over the years are there- amazing rhythmic choices, a tempered in-your-face edge, an odd catchiness that's infectious without being overtly pop- it's just the presentation has evolved. It feels like it may be a hotly debated album, maybe just like electronic music itself, but I, for one, am loving it and think you probably need to check it out.
Blonde Redhead- Here Sometimes

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