Friday, October 23, 2009

Christina Antipa

Coming through sacramento not only brought us a wonderful set by Poppet, but also some hang time with the lovely Ms. Christina Antipa, the former Seattle-ite, who released my favorite album of 2009, The Royal We.
This album makes me insane. Pedal steel country to drum machine indie slow dances, it is pretty much everything I've ever wanted out of an album (hyperbole?...maybe). I thought I'd be too much of a fanboy to be able to properly coversate, but she is perhaps one of the most easy going folks around and I was able to forget how I swoon long enough to hang for a day.
I did exercise my fandom by getting her to play me some unreleased recordings and I can say to you, my dear record labels and industry execs, to get writing up some contracts now because these jams are hot.
One just recorded the other day is "Where are you Going, Whoever you are," a beautiful piano wonder that I absolutely adore.
Christina Antipa- Where Are You Going Whoever You Are
and, for good measure:
Christina Antipa- Beautiful Place (off The Royal We)

Christina Antipa, Google Maps, and Lettters...reading The Neverending Story

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