Thursday, February 24, 2011

Music from Saharan Cell Phones Vol 2

Thanks to Rupture, my awareness of the second volume of Music from Saharan Cell Phones came to be. Having the first volume and knowing it to be an interesting affair, I checked his post about it to find that the second volume is phenomenal! Or, as I came to find out, Fenomenal.
From what I know of the music distribution systems in Africa today, cell phones are used as a music player, and involved in the buying and selling of songs much more than here. The compilations seem to be field recordings (more of less) of songs played off of cell phones.
There are so many great songs on here, but the two ones Rupture posted hold a place in my heart since I listened to them a dozen times or more last week.
And, hey, sorry for the long hiatus, but have mostly been listening to Prince these last couple weeks, as I finish up writing for The Prince Zine and its related reading and party.
Fenomenal- Mix

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