Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baron Mixtape Adventures Series

Digging through our household pile of music yesterday, I came across the three volumes of the Baron Mixtape Adventures Series, a free dj mixtape project I used to do a few years back. I'm guessing they came out in in the 2006-2008 period of time, but I'm not totally sure on release dates. I listened to them and rather liked them and thought posting them might motivate me to do another. The first leans more toward IDM-ish trip hop, hip hop, and smatterings of weirdness; the second volume is an all ambient mix; and the third is all mash-ups, with some of the individual mash-ups posted below.

Baron Mixtape Adventure Series Volume 1
Baron Mixtape Adventure Series Volume 2 (get ambient)
Baron Mixtape Adventure Series Volume 3
The Baron- Calle 13 vs Timbaland vs Steve Reich
The Baron- Spank Rock vs Arcane Device
The Baron- Muslimgauze vs Alan Smithee Smith
The Baron- Kool Keith vs Rakim y Ken
The Baron- Venetian Snares vs Buenas Noches
The Baron- Battles vs Jay-Z
The Baron- Eric B & Rakim vs Jean Michel Jarre
The Baron- Bjork vs Sean Paul

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