Friday, April 29, 2011

the 90's

I was a teenager in the 1990's. Despite the acquisition of cell phones, Ipods, and whatnot, I imagine being a teenager today might be a similar experience since so much of the music I have gotten in the last week has sounded like it came out when I was 15. I could be wrong, but since music almost completely shaped my teen years, maybe I'm not totally off base.
First we start with mid-90's club music. This is great. I didn't think I'd like it, but now that indie bands make music like this, it suddenly gives the genre a little more personality than it once had. Routines is from the Netherlands.
Next is mid-90's hazy alternative rock. This is also great. But in the way that all this kind of music never stood out to me, but made me feel kind of hazy and cool. Kind of like what I imagined smoking pot might be like. Seapony is the newest addition to the wonderful line-up over at Hardly Art.
And, lastly, we have some actual 90's music. When I was around 15, I bought the CD-single for this song at the Sub Pop Megastore in Seattle. I listened to it, it's lovely acoustic version and the few other songs on the "single". "Social Medicine" I still put on every now and then. It's about getting drunk so you can talk to people, especially girls. Bakesale is getting a royal reissue treatment and probably some of the songs form the single will be on there. It will be awesome, I imagine.
Routines- Don't Analyze
Seapony- Blue Star
Sebadoh- Rebound

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