Thursday, October 22, 2009


Sorry dear friends about such a hiatus, but I've been on tour with Letters (hence the name of the blog, in case you were unaware) and Google Maps and have been playing shows every night and have not taken the time to write about about all the great music I've been enjoying of late.
Last night's show in Sacramento treated us to our favorite opening act of the tour, Poppet. This one woman show of loop pedal, casio mayhem is in-your-face-fun-times. So good. This is definitely the kind of person that should tour the world and not go to school in Davis, California. She brings it, the people love it. Thought I'd post a tract I recorded last night, so you could you could join the fanclub.
Poppet- Live at Sacramento

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  1. there's some (dark, low quality) poppet videos from this same performance on youtube: