Friday, April 23, 2010


From the other room my roommate thought I still had on Kate Bush, I told him that album ended and went to check what it actually was. Turns out it was a promo of the album Visionaries that I got from the Canadian band Parallels, an album that just got released, but sounds like it was made 25 years ago and does sound a little like Kate Bush, more new wave-ish and less weird, but yeah, to the non-Kate fan, sure.
I like 80's-influenced music, but there's something kind of wild to me about making an album that sounds more like the real thing than an artistic expression with a definite influence. Even their aesthetic is dead on, some of their promo photos convincingly look like they were done in 1985. It's like the whole retro garage rock thing that I tend to dislike so much. Only they didn't dig quite as far.
This sounds like I'm ripping it apart, but I'm actually recommending it. I like it. It sounds like a good 80's record that I've never heard. It's danceable and makes me believe punks just started using electronics and going to clubs and came up with this crazy new sound. If you wish The Chromatics would pick up the tempo a little, Parallels is probably for you. Just don't check out their myspace photos, it's kind of ridiculous.
Parallels- Needless to Say

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