Saturday, June 19, 2010

Video and Vinyl from Tiny Vipers

I get home from tour to find that the fine folks at They Shoot Music, Don't They? had sent me their new session with Tiny Vipers.
Which was timely, since I'd just played a show with her that was absolutely stunning. Part of Tacoma's awesome second annual Squeak and Squawk festival, Tiny Vipers held the room captive for a strung together collection of songs from her latest album and interlude moments of ambience.
On the They Shoot Music website, they say that, "Jesy is not the kind of musician who tries to entertain people. She demands close and attentive listening and gives back unconventional and haunting songs of strong emotions." Thinking about this made me put her into perspective and kind of made me realize how brave she it. She isn't an entertainer, she doesn't pick the tempo up because the room is bored by her slow songs. She makes the music she wants to make and doesn't seem to worry about what people want her to do.
Her latest album, Life on Earth, is (at last) available on vinyl.
Photo from Squeak and Squawk by Alexis Wolf

Tiny Vipers- Dreamer

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