Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Something I Could Hold Onto

In brief: free compilation. In detail: a few years ago (three and half, to be exact), there was nothing better to me than the music that people were making out of the Pacific Northwest. While that hasn't really changed, the degree to which it was being generally ignored by a wider audience was heart-wrenching and endlessly baffling to me. So, I got ahold of my favorite folks making music at the time and asked they be part of this compilation. I called it Well, I Don't See Why Not: A Compilation of Unsigned/Barley Signed NW Artists, got the ever-amazing Ariel Birks to do the art for it and burned (oh, how quickly times have changed!) a hundred copies. Surprisingly, it sold out really fast and I kept burning copies until one day I realized I should get somebody to professionally duplicate a bunch, then other volumes came out, it continues, life is good. Definitely never a big money maker, but always infinitely satisfying, Well, I Don't See Why Not has been the best excuse I've ever had to get my favorite artists to play me their new songs (and, often, make new songs!). So, the one that started it (and i thought would be the only one) just sold out and I decided to stop reprinting it. Now it's free. Hope you enjoy.
Twig Palace- Wicker Frames

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