Thursday, December 17, 2009

DJ Dogwater- Amy Winehouse Memorial Mixtape

With having such a firm tongue-in-cheek about the music he makes, it might be hard for DJ Dogwater to admit how good he's getting at what he does. In a recent interview he introduces himself by saying, "I'm Dj Dogwater...I make terrible music."
While definitely ridiculous, Dogwater's brand of mash-up/sound collage is pretty irresistible. Personally, I love it- it often makes me incredibly happy. The conceptual ideas are sometimes really clever and there are moments of pure genius.
That said, he's also still figuring some stuff out. Some of the pieces run a little long for my taste, I want the acapellas to be manipulated a little more (he rarely, if ever, changes their tempo or puts them through effects), I sometimes want it to be a little more like the jumpy radio-tape-collage of his first release, (Proud Mono Radio Stand Up. Yet, at the same time, I really appreciate that he's doing what sounds good to him and creating the music he wants and not what other people want of him.
The Amy Winehouse Memorial Mixtape is his latest, just released on Corpus Callosum; an hour and a half of traversing the musical map. This friday will be the album's release party here in Olympia (Le Voyeur, 10pm, free). For the show, all the performers are remixing or covering Dogwater; which is perhaps the best concept for an album release show I've heard of.
DJ Dogwater- Wonderful One
DJ Dogwater- Janis Knifehandchoplin

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